Team Sunday Funday
  Thank u for all that you do to make these fun 5Ks go so smoothly that the Sunday Funday Team get participate in throughout the year! You all are greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!

  Nearly Naked 5K
  Huge “Thank You” to Patrick and Tristin at This event does not happen without their patience and attention to detail in helping us make sure we were ready to go. There is so much that goes into getting these runs to the finish line and whether it is your first run like this was for us, or your 100th, having on our team proved to be an immeasurable asset.

  FCA Endurance
  Looks like we had a great turnout. I am very happy with the results and the donations we were able to raise. Thank you again to you and Patrick for your support and hard work on race day. I look forward to next year
  Dan Moore
TD5K Race Director