A “REMOTE RUNNER” is an individual that participates in one of our events at an alternate location. You can walk, use the treadmill, run outside or participate in another race. You can run your race at your pace anywhere in the world. 

5Kevents.org’s REMOTE RUNNERSTM program is a great way to stay fit and active all year round, run for a good cause and get awesome medals for your participation!


STEP 1:   Sign up as a Remote Runner 

STEP 2:   Complete your 5k on your own! 

STEP 3:   You will be mailed the following the week after the race: 

- Ceremonial remote racing bib 

- Official race shirt 

- Finisher’s medal 



5Kevents.org’s REMOTE RUNNERSTM program is designed for running clubs and groups who wish to orchestrate running events in their communities without the expense that larger events must absorb.  

DILEMMA: XYZ Running club of 25 people wants to orchestrate a St. Pat’s Day 5K® but simply does not have enough people to do a full blown commercial event.  

SOLUTION: Join the REMOTE RUNNERS program. We provide the T-shirts, Finisher Medals and Award Pins in advance of your group run. Then give these to your participants upon completion.  

STEP 1: Designate a team captain  

STEP 2: Team Captain signs up for desired event and creates a remote team. 

STEP 3: Encourage your Fitness Club, Group or Organization to sign up. They sign up under the REMOTE RUNNERSTM Category.  

STEP 4: 1 Week before the event we will ship the team captain shirts and medals.  

STEP 5: Run Your event and submit individual times via our Remote Runners App or event website. 

STEP 6: Distribute award pins to the top 3 overall Male and female participants.

REBATE: Because we are able to ship all shirts and medals to one person and we save on postage/logistics, we will rebate the team $5.00 per runner in the form of a check to the club. This can be used for your club, awards, etc. EXAMPLE: If 50 people sign up under your club, you would receive a $250 Rebate check from us.




You can complete your race on your own around your home, at the gym on a treadmill or even with a group of running buddies – essentially you can compete anywhere in the world! Our races come with no time pressure – your pace is individual to you and you will earn your medal for completing whatever your speed. You can even walk our races without the fear of crowds at the beginning or at the point in your race when you really could do with that 2 second pause. Each of our races have dates to complete allowing lots of flexibility to complete your challenge, see our website for the race dates and deadline at www.5Kevents.org  



No official timing necessary for Remote Runners, but you must return back to our website with your proof. We accept many forms of proof, as long as we can see you have completed the distance and the time it takes you, we’re happy. Examples include Garmin photos, app screenshots, fitbit stats, program times etc.


All REMOTE DIVISION results submitted will be included on our Race Results Page  and for the specific event participated in.   


DIVISION AWARD MEDALS will be mailed to the top 3 Male and Females within one week after event closes. REMOTE DIVISION is excluded from the TOP OVERALL Male And Female  results as they are not professionally timed. Team and Group events may recognize OVERALL WINNERS and are provided medals for that purpose, but is exculsive to each unique group. 



You signed up to be there on race day but no longer can make it – can you be switched to Remote Runner?  

Here’s how to transfer:  

Step 1:   Go to www.5Kevents.org and select the race you signed up for. 

Step 2:   Click the “FIND MY REGISTRATION” button on the Right side. 

Step 3:   Search for your registration using your name or email address (One or the other... NOT BOTH) that you used to process your registration.

Step 4:   Once signed in you will see a “Transfer Registration” button towards the bottom of the screen. 

Step 5:   Click the “Transfer Registration” button and follow the prompts


Alternately, any participant can send an email to us at supportstaff@5Kevents.org and we can switch you.  

"REMOTE RUNNERS" is Copyright by 5Kevents.org, LLC and pending as a registered trademark / Serial number   87699274